Kiss Beauty Liquid Highlighter



Short Description

  • Product Code: 58743
  • Product Name: Liquid Highlighter
  • Brightens Up Your Skin
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy Application
  • Breathable and Comfortable on Skin
  • Waterproof and Smudge-Proof
  • Great For All Skin Types

Long Description

Kiss Beauty Liquid Highlighter is a perfect item when your goal is to make your skin look luminous instead of glittery. It contains light-reflecting particles that create a natural glow without glitter particles. 


Liquid Highlighter has a moisturising formula that offers what is just the right amount of shimmery radiance and yet it doesn’t come off as shiny which makes it ideal for oily skin. It works surprisingly well on a wide range of skin tones.


It is infused with a versatile, multi-tasking formula. It can be used alone as a highlighter or you can mix it with your favourite skincare product or foundation if you want to create an all-over glow.


It is ultra lightweight and extremely sheer. It has a buildable formula that reflects light beautifully while blurring out blemishes. You can get a more subdued effect by mixing it with your moisturiser or foundation.


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