Lolane Pixxel Styling Mega Control Hairspray – 300ml

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Lolane Pixxel Styling Mega Control Hairspray 300ml is for long-term hair control. It offers a maximum of 48 hr. Its durable film innovation generates soft stage and difficult stage, 2 types of Polymers that promptly hold your hairstyle without completely dry & damaged hair. It offers 48 hrs control to hold your hairdo for 48 hrs, even during damp as well as hot weather. It has Pro B5 that helps nourish as well as moisturize hair. This spray is sometimes in Salon without undesirable scents or nasal bothersome. It is easy to wash off.

How to Use
Shake the bottle well prior to usage. Hold the bottle far from your hair concerning 30 cms., after that extensively and delicately spray onto your hair. Spray once again onto some areas requiring unique holds.

For a quick attractive hairdo with a long lasting hold. Light aroma. Best for beauty parlor and barber stores.

About Lolane
Lolane is a professional hair brand with a wide variety of hair products that meet the unique needs of different hair types. It is a go-to brand for those who love following hair fashion trends. Its history has been trusted for over 30 years. In addition to providing products for basic hair care, Lolane never stops researching and developing innovative formulas that make great differences. The brand has expanded its export to over 30 countries around the world. It has a staff of experts who have taken the brand to the highest levels with drive, power and imaginative creation and give beauty rich with liveliness to people across the world with their professionalism.

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