Framesi Rigenol Fragile Hair Nourishing Treatment Spray – 200ml

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Rigenol is a globally understood hair restoration remedy. Framesi instills this active ingredient in a groundbreaking formula that nourishes and secures breakable hair. Framesi Rigenol Fragile Hair Nourishing Spray-200ml is what you need if you have weak hair that is prone to breakage. This unique formula works in 2 phases. One phase detangles and includes sparkle to strands. The other phase nourishes and also secures the hair. You will observe an instantaneous distinction in the softness and luster. Regular usage will make hair grow much healthier as well as stronger.

Product Features
Nourishes and also protects breakable hair
Consists of Rigenol for hair restructuring
A distinct two-phase formula
Seals hair follicles and adds shine to strands

Framesi is an Italian based brand inspired and founded by Roberto Franchina in Milan in 1945. It is always and forever dedicated to the professional hairdressers with high quality, innovative hair care products that deliver salon-grade precision, performance and predictability. Its foundation is cutting and coloring education that establishes a platform for hairdressers around the world to blend fashion and beauty with individual creativity and artistry. The integrity of its products have become a standard tool leading the way for professionals to set your talent free.

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