Sunsilk Natural Fig & Mint Refresh Shampoo – 380ml

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Sunsilk Natural Fig & Mint Refresh Shampoo-380ml has a special formula, with its all-natural active ingredients, that is made for Covered hair. Particularly it is created to lift away grease as well as deposit. Its development innovation releases a rupture of fresh scent at Every touch. Appreciate a fantastic scent for approximately 48 hours! The heavenly fig has powerful antioxidants. Mint is abundant in aromatic oils that provide it an uplifting as well as fresh experience. Sunsilk Natural Recharge Fig & Mint Refresh Shampoo, 380ml is suitable for sweaty hair and oily scalp dedicated for hijab hair. Its special formulation lifts away grease and residues. It comes with fragrance releases pearls technology.

About Sunsilk
Sunsilk is a UK based hair care brand falling under the company Unilever. The brand was established in the UK in 1954 and expanded to several countries around the world including Singapore, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, the Philippines, Bolivia, Argentina, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. Sunsilk shampoos became popular because they needed only one application which meant less washing off of natural oils from the hair. Gradually after its inception, it included various products in its collection; for dry hair, Tonic Shampoo containing Allantoin for infection-free scalp, and Sunsilk Liquid shampoo.

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