Sunsilk Almond & Honey Anti – Hairfall Shampoo – 380ml

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Sunsilk Almond & Honey Anti-Hairfall Shampoo-380ml nourishes the hair from root to tip delivering you resilient, strong hair. This shampoo is dedicated for the hijab hair. It revitalizes and strengthens your weak hair from the root to tip, forming a shield around the shaft to avoid hair breakage. Honey has been famous for so many centuries as liquid gold due to its nourishing properties and almond oil is well known to deliver shine and a soft sensation, so consumers have their hair always on their side. Fragrance Release Pearls release renewed bursts of aroma at every touch, so you have the hair 24/7 on your side.

Sunsilk is a UK based hair care brand falling under the company Unilever. The brand was established in the UK in 1954 and expanded to several countries around the world including Singapore, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, Brazil, the Philippines, Bolivia, Argentina, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia. Sunsilk shampoos became popular because they needed only one application which meant less washing off of natural oils from the hair. Gradually after its inception, it included various products in its collection; for dry hair, Tonic Shampoo containing Allantoin for infection-free scalp, and Sunsilk Liquid shampoo.

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