Just For Men Shampoo In Hair Colour Light Brown- H 25

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Just For Men Shampoo In Hair Colour H 25,You adore your new and stylish haircut but are worried about your troublesome grey hair?. Is your hair turning grey way too early than normal? Cover it up with the new Just For Men Shampoo-In Hair Colour, H-25 Light Brown. The light brown color is an awesome option if you are not into darker shades and need to get a natural look. Have the hair dyed effortlessly and instantly! You can change the appearance of your hair in no more than five minutes. The non-drip consistency makes it extremely easy to use it similar to a regular shampoo. It is packed with chamomile, protein, aloe vera, and vitamin E that treats your damaged hair. The outcomes after-dye may vary because of your natural hair shade. Just for Men brush-in gel penetrates into your scalp. The hair color lasts until your gray hair grows back. Each color matches the same Just for Men head hair color. Plus, you get various applications from a single product.

Product Features
Shampoo-in application that lathers in effortlessly
Lasts up to six to eight weeks until your hair grow back
Saves time as it only takes 5 minutes to offer full coverage
Gentle ammonia-free formula that nourishes your hair
Natural look that targets grey strands only

Do not use this hair colour if:
You have already experienced some reactions because of using different hair color products.
You have an irritated, damaged, or sensitive scalp. Hair Color products can cause various allergic reactions which in rare cases can be severe. If you have a tattoo, the risks of an allergic reaction may be increased.

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