Clear Anti – Dandruff Complete Clean Shampoo – 185ml

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Easily remove dandruff and take care of the hair with Clear Anti-Dandruff Complete Clean Shampoo-185ml. Its Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology tackles against flakes formation and aids to get rid of dandruff from the scalp in only just a few washes efficiently. This shampoo by Clear not only cleanses the scalp but also nourishes the hair and brings shine to them. Clear Anti-Dandruff Complete Clean Shampoo, 185ml distinctive formula forms a strong defense system that offers ever lasting protection against flakes and dandruff, and relieves irritation. With its day-to-day use, you can get a quick solution to this hair issue.

Clear Anti-Dandruff Complete Clean Shampoo, 185ml is a hair care product launched by Clear. Clear is a brand of anti-dandruff shampoo based in France. The manufacturer falls under the umbrella of British-Dutch company Unilever. It was first launched in 1975 and expanded to various countries including Greece, India, Thailand and Pakistan. It was launched with one goal in mind i.e. to provide the best dandruff solution to its clients.

Product Features
Following are some of worth mentioning features of Clear Anti-Dandruff Complete Clean Shampoo, 185ml:
Available in 185ml bottle
Nourishes scalp skin and strengthen the anti-flakes formation defense system
Contains Zinc Pyrithione – helps effortless removal of flakes dandruff
Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology – decrease dandruff to the maximum
Soothes the scalp skin and brings shine to the dull hair
Prevents flakes formation

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