Palmers Bergamot Formula Conditioning Hairdress – 150g

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Palmers Bergamot Formula Conditioning Hairdress-150g has a brilliant formula that blends the finest balsam with pure bergamot and vitamin E to bring lustre and life to dry hair instantly. The formula is effective to treat split ends and breakage making your hair softer, more manageable, easy to style and brush.
Palmer’s Bergamot Formula gently moisturizes damaged, dry hair and is lightweight that won’t weigh your hair down. Bergamot formula conditioning hair cream treats and repairs your hair and gives it the pampering it deserves. It is easy to apply ensuring convenient product application to the areas where it is needed.
About Manufacturer
Palmer’s is an American based brand under E. T. Browne Drug Company. This drug company has the longest standing proprietors of hair and skin care products in the US. It has been family owned since the mid nineteenth century. It has been under current ownership since 1971. The revolutionary brand Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula was established under the current ownership and was introduced to the world. Since its creation, Palmer’s has been expanding on its heritage and knowledge. It is developing brand ranges such as Shea Formula, Skin Success, Olive Oil Formula, Coconut Oil Formula, Hair Success and Natural Fusions.

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