L’Oréal Paris Colour Protect Conditioner For Coloured Hair – 175ml

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L’Oréal Paris Colour Protect Conditioner 175ml nourishes and hydrates the hair fiber and improves its health while protecting the brilliance of color treated hair. It keeps your hair protected, superbly detangles hair without heaviness, prolongs colour radiance for up to 8 weeks.
L’Oreal Paris Colour Protect Protecting Conditioner has a colour protect formula with UV filter and light reflecting system which has a combination of active nourishing ingredient and filters to work. It nourishes your hair making it soft, supple, and smooth and healthy looking. It also helps protect the tresses from environmental aggressions; UV, pollution, water and heat styling, and enhances the radiance of your colour.
It helps you experience a purely luxurious lather, sensorial lush and a burst of fresh fragrance. It has a vegan formula that is completely free of paraben, sulfate, harsh salts, surfactants and gluten.
Apply it to your damp, shampooed hair and massage it gently to make a thick lather. Leave it on for 3-4 minutes to let the ingredients soak in and do their magic before rinsing it off.
Include this conditioner to your daily hair care routine to make your hair stay protected and the brilliant radiance of color lasts for a long time.

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