L’Oréal Fall Resist 3x Anti Hair Fall Conditioner – 175ml

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L’Oréal Fall Resist 3x Anti Hair Fall Conditioner 175ml treats your hair with a triple anti-hair fall action; restructures hair fibre, nourishes the hair root and helps grow stronger hair. It is highly effective in making your hair stronger from tip to root.
It has Arginine as an active ingredient, which is an essential amino acid crucial for the constitution of hair. It is also known for its scalp nourishing properties that improve microcirculation. With the regular use of this conditioner, your hair grows more resistant from breakage from the roots and gets stronger, beautiful and healthier looking. The triple anti-hair fall action detangles your tresses instantly and becomes more bouncy.
L’Oreal markets thousands of individual products and more than 500 brands in every beauty field; hair color, hair styling, permanents, makeup, cleansers, body and skincare and fragrance. The guiding principles of the company were innovation and research in the field of cosmetics. L’Oreal has been committed and devoted to the beauty business. It offers its expertise in the service of men and women all around the world meeting the diverse needs of their unique beauty.
After shampooing your hair, spread the conditioner through mid length right to the tips while massaging it gently and then wait for a couple of minutes to let it do its magic and then rinse it off.

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