Olay Age Defying Face Wash – 150ml

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Olay Age Defying Face Wash-150ml is designed to revitalise the skin for a young, rejuvenated look. It removes dirt, traces of makeup, grim and other impurities to reveal radiant, fresher and younger-looking skin. It contains microbeads that gently cleanses the pores of your skin. It works great in fighting the signs of ageing. With regular use, it will leave your skin noticeably smoother and softer with every wash.
Olay Age Defying Face Wash helps to noticeably improve surface skin dullness and smooth skin texture. It promotes natural renewal of the skin’s surface that reveals younger looking skin. It visibly reduces the signs of ageing within 14 days by firming and lifting your skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines.
This face wash works great to reveal more glowing and softer skin while fighting the appearance of wrinkles. Squeeze some amount of Olay Age Defying face wash on your hand and massage it on your moistened or damp face and neck avoiding the eye area. Create lather by massaging it gently for some seconds. Massage it on your face in circular motion and spread it over the neck area by massaging gently. Rinse the lather with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a clean towel. You will have a glowing and healthy looking skin within seven days.

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