Fair & Lovely Anti Pimple Face Wash – 50g

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Fair & Lovely Anti Pimple Face Wash-50g is infused with Japanese green tea and fairness multivitamins. Japanese Green Tea, which is an active ingredient in the face wash, is known to target pimple marks and prevent them from coming back. It not only cleanses your skin from the surface but also cleans the pores by penetrating into the surface of skin.
It brightens your skin and gives a spotless glowing skin right away. To get the most out of this product, apply it on a wet or damp face and create a lather by gently massaging your face in rounds. Use water to rinse off the lather and pat your face dry with a clean towel.
It cleanses your skin deeply to provide protection from germs and reduce the pimple causing bacteria. The Multivitamins moisturise and nourish your skin deeply and brightens it to give a spotless glowing skin in no time. It is especially designed for acne prone skin. This multi-vitamin face wash has a three-step cleanup action that cleanses and massages the skin giving it a parlor-like glow. Its mild formula effectively removes pollutants and dirt, and scrubs off the dead skin cells giving you a fairer looking skin.

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