Royal Jewels Bob Big Eye Mascara

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BOB Mascara Big Eye

Royal Jewels BOB Big Eye Mascara is that beauty essential that makes it easier to make your eyes bigger. The benefits of mascara are amplified in it. This BOB mascara is a perfect complement to a big eye look. It contains high quality pigments that deliver dramatic looks by creating stretched-out and extremely black lashes in an instant. It has a long wearing formula that prevents smudging, flaking, humidity and sweat.

The formula is completely free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, sulfites, gluten, silicon, triclosan, mineral oil and formaldehyde. These ingredients are considered to be harmful for the skin in the long run. But with BOB Mascara Big Eye you are completely safe from these.
It works perfectly by building volume lash by lash. Unlike the traditional volumizing formulas that clump lashes together to create an appearance of volume. Also, the brush has a thicker base which combs lashes evenly through eyelashes from roots to ends, as the tapered tip holds those hard-to-reach, small lashes.

Simply use the brush from base to tips of the eyelashes and let it dry to achieve a perfect look.
This premium quality, waterproof, smudge free, long lasting special fiber lashes mascara will be your best mate at any special event that will help you achieve your dream look.

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