L’Oréal Intense Volume Paradise Extatic Mascara – 01

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L’Oréal Intense Volume Paradise Extatic Mascara 01 has a formula containing caring oils. This iconic millioniser brush provides lifts and multiplies lashes for a meticulously defined, lash-by-lash separation minus any clumps. The mascara features delicate, buildable formula that is enriched with black orchid oils and camellia. It coats your eyelashes softly allowing a smooth glide and giving you clean, natural-looking volume without overload.
It coats each lash one by one. It millionize your eyelashes with a multitude of bristles that separate lashes giving them a fanned-out effect. It comes with the elastomer applicator which is highly flexible with both long and short bristles that coat lashes perfectly. It has the excess wiper that removes excess mascara without leaving clumps or overload. It coats the brush with the just the right amount of product to get a volumized appearance.
This bendable brush makes application effortless and precise, giving you access to those harder-to-reach outer and inner corner lashes. This stretchable formula glides on your lashes to create any look you want without flakes or clumps.
To get the best effect with L’Oreal Paris Intense Volume Paradise Extatic Waterproof Mascara place the brush at the base of the lashes and sweep it up to tip gently. There is no need to pump the wand to get the desired results. You can easily remove the mascara with soap and water.

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