Kiss Beauty 2 In 1 Fibre Mascara

  • Product Code: 56360
  • Product Name: 2 in 1 Fibre Mascara
  • 3D Mascara
  • Instant Volumizing and lengthening
  • Fuller and Thicker Eyelashes
  • Implants Tiny Fibres into your lashes
  • Innovative Formulation
  • For Perfect Curls
  • Waterproof and Smudge Proof
  • No Clumps



Kiss Beauty 3D Fibre Mascara is the first 2-in-1 mascara that instantly volumizes and lengthens lashes for a more dramatic look. It has a special fibre formula with a unique interlocking system that separates each lash to achieve maximum length and volume. With just one stroke, lashes will be fuller and thicker, making eyes more seductive and beautiful.

Kiss Beauty 3D Fibre Mascara is a next generation of mascara. It implants tiny fibres into your lashes, giving them volume and length for a visible difference. Its unique fibre formula allows it to create the perfect curl without using any curlers. It is smudge proof and water-proof so you can enjoy your thick lashes all day long..

Kiss Beauty is the first 2-in-1 mascara in the market that combines 2 different fibres providing you with volume and length at the same time to give you fuller, longer and thicker lashes. The unique patented 3D fibre technology adds length and thickness to lashes with no clumps, smudging or residue.

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