Miss Rose Cake Eyeliner

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Miss Rose Cake Eyeliner is a classic, chic, and absolutely professional makeup product that can take you from quiet definition to all-out drama with a single stroke of the brush. It has a smooth and ever-lasting formula that covers your eyes in flawless color. Miss Rose Cake Eyeliner glides across your lash line and keeps in place throughout the day. Helps to define your eye and resists fading.

Reasons to Love It
Miss Rose Cake Eyeliner is a water-based and compact eyeliner. You can apply its highly-pigmented pressed powder with a damp brush.
It is easy to dry, natural, and smooth eyeliner, long-lasting for a whole day. Delivers a solid, clean line with powder dry finish
The formula glides on your lash line smoothly and stays all day long. It is easy to apply. It dries immediately without flaking, leaving a clean and stable line that will not smudge.
It delivers a long-lasting color payoff that doesn’t fade throughout the day for flawlessly defined eyes with long-lasting results.

How to Use
Pick up a small amount of eyeliner with the brush. With the other hand, hold the eyelid taut to open up the lash line.
Apply the eyeliner close to your lash line, starting from the inner corner and working towards the outer corner.

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