L’Oréal Matte Signature Eyeliner Copper – 07

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What is your shade trademark? Introducing new L’Oréal Matte Signature Eyeliner 07 Copper. Develop simple and easy declaration looks with super-intense color and simple application. It is just one of the nine unapologetically bold tones. L’Oreal Paris Matte Signature Eyeliner, 07 Copper has you covered -whether you desire a timeless black-winged lining, mind-blowing white lining, or attention-grabbing cobalt blue appearance. The textured grasp creates control and fail-proof application whilst the ultra-precise felt idea ensures an easy finish. Prepare yourself to show off your color signature.

For a stylish liquid eyeliner look, place your eyeliner brush tip as close to your lash line as possible in inner corner of your eye. With tiny gentle strokes drawn out from inner corner of your eye, applying more pressure as you move towards outer corner of your eye, this will make a bolder, thicker line. For an astonishing eyeliner look, use contrasting shades for winged and reverse winged liner looks above and below your eye.

Lean the elbow on a hard surface to keep the hand steady whilst applying the eyeliner.

About Manufacturer
L’Oreal has been committed and devoted to the beauty business. It offers its expertise in the service of men and women all around the world meeting the diverse needs of their unique beauty. L’Oreal fulfills its mission responsibly and ethically. Beauty is in the DNA of L’Oreal. It started its journey to the Innovative Beauty Tech Products in 1909 when it produced its first hair dye. It has been a pure player and leader in the beauty business around the world for over a century.

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