Veet Silky Fresh Body & Legs Hair Removal Cream – 200g

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Veet Silky Fresh Body & Legs Hair Removal Cream-200g contains superior formulation that has vitamin E and Aloe Vera that makes your skin soft, feeling smooth and beautiful. It has the pleasant floral fragrance that makes hair removal experience even better. Its fresh technology helps in eliminating unwanted hair easily in 5 minutes giving you moisturized, smooth and softening your skin that makes you confident to go out at all times.
Veet Silky Fresh Body & Legs Hair Removal Cream-200g is ideal for dry skin type. It works on legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, and any body area. It gives you salon-grade silky smooth skin in only five minutes that makes you ready to go out all the time. It is created for multi purpose usage giving you gently scented skin.
It has pleasant jasmine and lotus milk fragrance. The regrowth not only takes longer to grow but it grows thinner and softer. It works to close the root and short hair giving you smoothness for up to a week.
This cream by Veet dissolves rather than cuts hair therefore the unwanted hair takes longer to grow back than with shaving. Also, the regrowth doesn’t have that stubbly feel. The gentle formula leaves your skin smooth, silky, sexy and ready.

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