Clere Hand Body Lotion – 200ml

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Clere Hand Body Lotion-200ml is owned by Golden Girl Cosmetics. This uniquely different hand body lotion makes your skin look healthier, younger, smoother, and softer. Itching, roughness, and chapping due to dryness are relieved instantly.

There are plenty of benefits of Hand Body Lotion 200ml. Some of the most typical benefits are as follows:

Rehydrates your dried skin
Replenishes extra dry or rough spots on your skin
Smooth calluses
Feels good on your skin
Has a sweet scent
Help yourself to relax
Softens your skin

Skin Type
Hand Body Lotion 200ml is perfect for all types of skin. It means that ladies having any kind of skin can safely use Hand Body Lotion 200ml for taking good care of their skin.

Hand Body Lotion 200ml is a product of Golden Pearl Cosmetics. Golden Pearl Cosmetics is a popular brand known mostly for its skincare products in the country.

Product Weight
Hand Body Lotion 200ml weighs no more than 200 milliliters. It means that the product can last for a long time.

Storage Instruction
You should keep Hand Body Lotion 200ml in a cool and dry place at your home or office.

Hand Body Lotion 200ml comes in fancy bottle packaging.

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