Yc Uv Protection Whitening Gold Caviar Cream – 4g

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YC UV Protection Whitening Gold Caviar Cream-4g promotes optimum hydration and nourishes instantly and gives radiant, healthy looking skin. It contains the protective power of UV sunscreen for an advanced protection. The cream whitens your skin with intensive moisture and a rich gold caviar formula that adds a healthy glow to your skin on the first use.
It is infused with the protective power of the sun block that offers an advanced protection for the future and keeps you looking as young and beautiful as possible. YC Whitening Gold Caviar Whiten Skin UV Protection Cream is a luxurious cream which delivers glowing radiance to your skin throughout the day.
Take a penny sized amount of the product onto your fingers and spread it on the dark spots and then rest of the area including nose, forehead, cheeks, chin and neck to clear away creases, wrinkles and frown lines. Use it regularly with your other skincare routine products for the best results.
It is a powerful skin lightening agent that is potent in reducing skin pigmentation and imperfections to reveal spot-less and beautiful skin. It clears the skin by preventing the production of melanin to the skin’s surface to keep your clear and glowing spotless complexion.

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