Sapil Veryl For Men Eau De Toilette – 100ml

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Sapil Veryl For Men Eau De Toilette-100ml opens with a fine-grained flower blast that consists of lavender, violet, fresh environment-friendly notes, and also pleasant lemony citrus. It’s very feminine even though it changes program when a strong musk with some faint zesty notes arises and sticks around close to the skin for a long time as the woodsy and also flower aspects fade. People like it for the initial twenty mins or so, but the dry down is extremely candid, fabricated, and not specifically enticing.

Sapil Veryl For Men Eau De Toilette, 100ml opens up with traditional Fougere style lavender teamed with woody notes of silver birch mirroring the conflict between playing it safe and also playing it fast. A tip of deep purple-violet in the heart of the scent represents the enthusiastic and unquenchable curiosity he has for the world. It serves as a bridge in between the sober base and the vibrant opening notes, portraying his adjustable character and also spontaneous nature. The Veryl guy leaves a tempting route of masculine woody notes in his wake. A trace of musk provides him an unforgettable presence. His dynamism is his signature.
Top Notes: Lavender, Birch
Heart Notes: Violet
Base Notes: Woodsy Notes, Musk

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