Sapil Intense For Women Eau De Parfum – 100ml

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Sapil Intense For Women Eau De parfum-100ml makes certain confidence and style every single time you stroll right into the scorching warmth. Its first notes provide a spicy scent followed by the fruity and natural scent as well as ends with a cozy woody scent.

Storage Condition
Store Sapil Intense For Women Eau De Perfum, 100ml in a cool, dry, hygienic place, please avoid humidity, heat, sunlight and strong light.

What the Brand Has to Say
Sapil is a supplier and also seller of perfumes from the UAE. The fragrances are imported explicitly from established organizations such as Givaudan of Paris to create ecstatic fragrances that lure the customer with every spritz.

About Sapil
Sapil is a UAE based brand of perfumes offering a huge array of fragrances for women and men. The brand is prepared to charm people of Pakistan with their signature scents accessible throughout the country now. It is one of the fastest developing fragrance makers in the country with every increasing range of perfumes to browse. Sapil is the main scent producer in the United Arab Emirates with an assortment of selective aromas and flavors for women and men. Its scents are all about style with magnificence and amazingly alluring appearance makinging the scents an exclusive class of fragrances.

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