Safeguard Pure White Antibacterial Hand Wash – 200ml

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Safeguard Pure White Antibacterial Hand Wash-200ml gives you non-stop protection in between washes. It also eliminates 99 percent of germs. You can enjoy its special cleansing formula for having a classic and refreshing experience. Safeguard Pure White Antibacterial Hand Wash, 200ml gives you superior protection against other ordinary antibacterial soaps and hand washes.

Safeguard Pure White Antibacterial Hand Wash, 200ml is 100% recommended by global health experts that aids to safeguard the family and eliminates up to 99 percent of dangerous germs. Safeguard Pure White Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash, Family Size, 420ml is a classic, with a lovely clean scent you will love. Its soft and richeffective white lather indulges you in a refreshing and enjoyable washing experience.

About Manufacturer
Safeguard is an antibacterial soap brand based in the US. It came in business when William Procter and James Gamble started manufacturing and selling soap and candles in Ohio, US in 1837. It was the start of a rich heritage of antibacterial soap making by Procter & Gamble. Safeguard has remained committed to delivering the best protection against germs that cause numerous diseases. Currently, it has a presence in over 15 countries worldwide and it continues to introduce latest innovations and education programs to help families be stronger and smarter to fight against harmful germs.

Storage Condition
You should store Safeguard Pure White Antibacterial Hand Wash, 200ml in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight at your home or office.

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