Protect Fluoride Infused Dental Tape – 33F

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Protect Fluoride Infused Dental Tape, 33F is a dental tape infused with fluoride. It cleans in between your teeth and reaches those spots where an ordinary brush cannot reach. You should use it every day for convenient, effective, efficient and healthy clean between your teeth. Protect Fluoride Infused Dental Tape, 33F gives latest lossing action for a clean, fresh feeling in the consumer’s mouth. Its two layered advanced design offers marvellous comfort, strength, and easy handling. It is suitable for people whose teeth are spaced far apart from each other. It is best for those who have bridge work. It is used on various inter proximal surfaces of your teeth to efficiently get rid of plaque. Use it every day two times a day after meals.

Protect is a Pakistani brand of oral care products headquartered in Karachi. The brand has been in this business for more than 65 years. It started its business by importing and trading dental equipment and materials. Later, It turned to manufacturing oral hygiene products. It obtained exclusive dealership and distribution rights from world’s well-reputed manufacturers of Japan and Europe. The brand became popular with strong sales promotion field force and conduction and participation in educational, symposium, exhibitions, conferences and seminars for doctors and dentists. It has a team of professionals who have

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