Palmers Skin Therapy Oil – 60ml

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Palmers Skin Therapy Oil-60ml by Palmer can be utilized all over the body. It is a multi-purpose therapy oil that makes the skin look definitely smooth and also soft. It is a non-greasy and non-staining formula that decreases the look of stretch marks and marks. It likewise helps to even out any damaged or dry skin that makes your skin look healthier.

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil 60ml also works to level the complexion that makes your complexion smoother. It is anti-aging, which suggests it smoothes out creases as well as fine lines. This makes your skin appearance healthier and years younger. It utilizes a special formula of Ten Oils that hydrate your skin to make it look glowing. It takes in deep right into the skin which secures the wetness.

Product Features
Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil 60ml makes the skin appearance smooth and also soft.
It is non-staining and also non-greasy, so you can use it quickly
It gives deep hydrating deals with the skin for stretch marks or any other acnes
It has actually been tested by skin specialists that makes it safe to utilize throughout the body
It makes the skin appearance healthier, firmer and also extra glowing

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