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Making more progression into the world of hair treatment items, Palmer’s has brought out the Palmers Hair Silk-150gm. This inventive product made by Palmer’s is a therapeutic balm that has been made using a special formula that contains Vitamins A, D, and also E. It likewise consists of the important proteins that your hair needs in order to end up being silkier, stronger, as well as much healthier. It is excellent to supply nourishment for your scalp and also hair. The Palmer’s Hair Silk likewise gives your scalp the conditioning it requires to have a healthy development of hair that is shinier and healthier than ever before.

Included in a 150gm container, Palmer’s Hair Silk 150gm is really simple to use hair care product for your hair just like how you would use hair oil. Enriched with all the crucial vitamins as well as proteins, this is one of the very best products that you can get for your wholesome hair care requirements.

Product Features
Available in a 150gm jar
Packed with Vitamins A, E and D
Protects the hair from breakage and dryness
Conditions the hair to keep all of its moisture locked in it
Nourishes the hair and scalp

Palmer’s is an American based brand under E. T. Browne Drug Company. This drug company has the longest standing proprietors of hair and skin care products in the US. It has been family owned since the mid nineteenth century. It has been under current ownership since 1971. The revolutionary brand Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula was established under the current ownership and was introduced to the world. Since its creation, Palmer’s has been expanding on its heritage and knowledge. It is developing brand ranges such as Shea Formula, Skin Success, Olive Oil Formula, Coconut Oil Formula, Hair Success and Natural Fusions. These brands have given E.T. Browne has a strong presence in various market segments such as skin care, hair care, skin fade care, and pregnancy. Today, Palmer’s enjoys a global presence with its products being sold in more than 80 countries. The rich heritage and stringent commitment to the best quality has made Palmer’s a trusted household name that stood the test of time and used by families for generations.

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