Olay Orchid & Black Current B3 Complex Body Wash – 700ml

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Are you tired of your regimen? Do you need some ‘me’ time? Well, salons are a costly option however you can constantly pamper yourself with the cost effective Olay Orchid & Black Current B3 Complex Body Wash-700ml. Instilled with a fanciful, crave-able, as well as sensuous scent, this body wash is all the treatment you need worldwide. Take a long bath with this body wash and with its magic, you will certainly really feel fresh, soothed, and loosened up.

Product Features
Is instilled with the naturally luscious aroma of black currant and orchid for an all-day-long fragrance that is appealing and sensual
Gives you a softer, cleaner, and also shinier skin with a refined revitalizing glow
Is created with a skin pH balancing formula
Is created with non-toxic cleansing chemicals to stop skin responses while giving you a cleaner skin
The scent of black currants as well as orchids relaxes your body and also soothes your tensed muscle mass

Olay is a American based skin care brand that comes under the umbrella of Procter & Gamble. It was previously known as Oil of Olaz, Oil of Olay, Oil of Ulay or Oil of Ulan. It was started by a former Unilever chemist, Graham Wulff, in South Africa in 1952 as Oil of Olay. The name “Oil of Olay” was chosen as a spin on the word “lanolin” which is a key ingredient in its skin care products. Today, Olay offers a wide assortment of new products by harnessing the power of innovation and partnering with world’s famous dermatologists. These products do their work at the surface cellular level to treat the root causes of skin concerns and give a younger-looking skin. With brilliant and most effective beauty solutions for women of all ages, Olay allows you to be the best version of yourself everyday.

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