Neutrogena Spot Controlling Oil-Free Moisturiser – 50ml

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Neutrogena Spot Controlling oil-Free Moisturiser-50ml hydrates and clears your skin effectively to give a smoother, clearer complexion. It works great to remove the stubborn spots while providing hydration without clogging the pores for the entire day while clearing your skin.
Neutrogena Spot Controlling Oil-Free Moisturiser has Salicylic Acid that helps clear breakouts with a single use. It also helps in preserving your skin’s natural defense making it clearer and healthier. The moisturizer is lightweight and gets easily absorbed in the skin to provide adequate hydration throughout the day which makes your skin soft without clogging the pores.
The formula is infused with exclusive ClearDefend technology that clears spot marks giving you a healthier and more even looking complexion leaving smooth, visibly clearer and soft skin. The formula is proven to leave most of the essential nutrients intact that are beneficial for skin. Also, it helps in preserving its natural shield.
It prevents future breakouts and spots for flawless looking complexion. The oil free and sulfate free formula, with Salicylic acid, is suitable for combination skin. It is developed by a team of expert dermatologists. To get the most out of the moisturizer, cleans the face thoroughly and apply the moisturizer on the face evenly.

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