L’Oréal Paris Short Beard & Face Moisturiser – 50ml

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L’Oréal Paris Short Beard & Face Moisturiser-50ml is for the daily care of the beard and face, discover the L’Oreal Paris short beard and face moisturizer packed with essential oils. It is a 2-in-1 moisturiser suitable for the shorter beard and the skin underneath.

You should use it for beard care as it is suitable for short to medium length beard and face. It is enriched with cedarwood essential oil Free from parabens, colourants and ingredients from animal origin. For the day-to-day care of your beard & face, discover the barber club short beard and face moisturiser enriched with essential oils. What does it do? For the short beard Soothes discomfort and softens facial hair. You can use it for the skin moisturised skin all day long. It is light and non greasy gel.

For your Beard
It soothes softens and itchiness facial hair for ever lasting comfort.

For your Face
Lightweight care moisturises your skin.

Beard care appropriate for short to medium-length beards and face
Enriched with cedarwood essential oil
Without parabens, colorants, and also active ingredients of animal origin

How to Use
Apply it every morning after cleansing your skin and beard. Dispense one to two drops of moisturising gel into the palm, and rub hands together to emulsify. Mildly massage your beard product into the skin and short face hair, working from the neck upwards, until absorbed.

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