Kiss Beauty Magic Lip Oil

  • Product Code: 7859
  • Product Name: Magic Lip Oil
  • Lip Temperature Discoloration
  • Hydrated, Luscious Lips
  • Crystal-Infused Lip Oil
  • Fuller-Looking Lips
  • Nourishing Formula
  • Non Sticky and Non Greasy
  • Easy to Apply
  • Comfortable Wear



Kiss Beauty Magic Lip Oil is a serum, oil, and crystal elixir all in one for your lips. You can use it before your lipstick or gloss to prime and prepare lips for ultimate coverage or wear on its own for a glossy shine that’s never sticky or greasy.

Magic Lip Oil is a serum-oil hybrid that melts into the lips and instantly boosts volume. This unique blend of hyaluronic acid, adaptogenic plant extracts, nourishing oils and her crystal complex plump and boost volume for the most luscious-looking lips. The oil is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and leave lips feeling noticeably softer, smoother, and more conditioned with a non-sticky, non-greasy finish.

Magic Lip Oil is a lip temperature discoloration that hydrates full and nourishes lips. It’s infused with crystal oil that makes your lips fuller while keeping them hydrated throughout the day. In addition, it has a non-sticky or greasy formula that makes it comfortable to wear.

It is an oil-based treatment that contains a unique combination of ingredients to hydrate, plump and smooth lips. The crystal-infused lip oil nourishes and moisturises dry, chapped lips with gentle oils. It contains natural minerals which help to plump and smooth lips for a fuller look.

Magic Lip Oil is a revolutionary lip oil with a crystal-infused formula. This non greasy, non sticky and easy to apply lipstick oil penetrates lips fast for maximum hydration and nourishment. The formula glides smoothly over the lips, giving them a fuller look. It helps in making your lips look more plump and fuller naturally. In just 4 weeks of use, you will see visible results.


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