Hemani Royal Musk Soft & Pure Hand Wash – 500ml

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Hemani Royal Musk Soft & Pure Hand Wash 500ml, refreshed and conditioned. It has moisturizing ingredients and gives you a fresh scent of passion flower. It is infused with aloe vera extract, rose oil, vitamin A, and E that give your skin protective and softening ingredients. It hydrates your skin and leaves a refreshing fragrance of white musk on hand.
This luxurious foaming hand wash washes away dirt and germs gently while preventing your hands from getting dry. Its new foaming technology has a deep and gentle cleaning effect with antibacterial action. It is infused with herbal and caring ingredients which leaves the hands feeling smooth and soft with a wave of refreshing scent.
It gently washes away germs and dirt. Vitamin E moisturizes and nourishes hands for a smooth and soft feel. The hand wash gives your hands that soothing experience of Aloe Vera scent which moisturizes your hands while cleaning them. It washes away bacteria and dirt that can cause any infection. This soap contains naturally derived ingredients that give you cool and neat hands.
Regular use of this hand wash enhances good cleanliness of hands. It has a pleasant scent that cleanses your hands with a good odor.

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