Hemani Linseed Oil – 60ml

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Hemani Linseed Oil-60ml or Flax seeds oil has been used for medicinal, culinary and cosmetic uses. It has many health benefits as it delivers a major dose of fiber and protein, reducing appetite and helping you in weight control. The oil is created from flax seeds that have been pressed and ground to release their natural oil.
Linseed oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids, helps in reducing cancer cell growth, could benefit heart health, helps in treating diarrhea and constipation, improves skin health, and reduces inflammation effectively which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.
Hemani Linseed Oil is a natural extract oil of premium quality that is gentle on skin. It is a good source of dietary fiber enriched with omega-3 fatty acids which can effectively prevent arrhythmia and heart disease.
Hermani is a Pakistan based brand established in 1949. The company has a vast experience in the field of herbal trade which has been utilized in the production of herbal products to benefit people in the most natural way possible. It was established in Dubai in 1995. Hemani manufactures its products under strict quality control procedures to ensure the best quality which is crucial for healthy living. Products offered by Hermani have earned a huge market status in Middle East, North African Countries, Northern and Western Asia.

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