Hemani Coconut Oil – 60ml

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Hemani Coconut Oil-60ml is very often marketed as a superfood. It is a unique combination of fatty acids that are beneficial for your health; such as heart health, fat loss and brain function. It provides quick energy to your body and brain and burns fat. It increases the level of good cholesterol in your blood which in turn reduces heart disease risk.
In several parts of the world, coconut oil is a dietary staple on which people have thrived for generations. Coconut oil reduces inflammation and decreases the risk of arthritis. It improves brain and memory function, builds muscles and helps in reducing body fat, cures kidney infection and UTI and protects the liver. Coconut oil can also help with oral hygiene and can be used as a mouthwash. It can dramatically reduce the rate of seizures due to epilepsy in children.
Hermani is a Pakistan based brand established in 1949. The company has a vast experience in the field of herbal trade which has been utilized in the production of herbal products to benefit people in the most natural way possible. Hemani manufactures its products under strict quality control procedures to ensure the best quality which is crucial for healthy living.

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