Hemani Black Seed Oil – 60ml

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Hemani Black Seed Oil 60ml is a dietary supplement made of Nigella sativa seeds oil. This product is free of all kinds of preservatives and additives and is completely pure and unadulterated. Black seeds oil has been popularly used as herbal remedies in many parts of Asia for hundreds of years.
Today, several studies have shown the efficacy of Nigella sativa oil in preventing, treating and alleviating numerous disorders. It is designed to be used as a dietary supplement and can be used for cooking and eating though very few people use it as such because it has naturally bitter and pungent taste of kalonji oil.
Hemani Black Seed Oil, with daily use, can provide you with various healthful benefits. The oil is infused with complex chemical compounds that are rich in antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. This oil is proven to be beneficial for gastrointestinal, respiration processes, reducing the risk of heart diseases and helps in reducing stress. It also has a positive anti allergenic effect as it also functions as an antihistamine.
Using Hemani Black Seeds Kalonji Oil has no side effects but, as it is pungent and bitter, drinking it may not be a pleasant experience. Also external application of this oil can cause contact dermatitis.

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