Framesi By Be You Silver Gel – 150ml

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Looking for ways to hide those pesky gray hair? Framesi By Be You Silver Gel-150ml can take care of that. This magical formula instantly hydrates your hair and covers the grays. Best of all, the gel does not have an odor and smells quite fresh. This haircare product can be used on all hair types and is suitable for both genders, men and women. Framesi By Be You Silver Gel 150ml offers a shiny finish and is very effortless to apply. For a strong hold, the gel can be applied on dry hair.

Framesi By Be You Silver Gel 150ml is a haircare product launched by Framesi. Framesi is an Italian based brand inspired and founded by Roberto Franchina in Milan in 1945. It is always and forever dedicated to the professional hairdressers with high quality, innovative hair care products that deliver salon-grade precision, performance and predictability. Its foundation is cutting and coloring education that establishes a platform for the hairdresser around the world to blend fashion and beauty with individual creativity and artistry. The integrity of its products have become a standard tool leading the way for professionals to set your talent free.

Product Features
Framesi By Be You Silver Gel 150ml comes with the following features:
Conceals gray hair without yellow effect
Hydrates hair and improves texture
Fresh smelling scent for extra kick
Suitable for both men and women

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