Dr Rashel Argan Oil Hand Mask

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Dr Rashel Argan Oil Hand Mask deeply nourishes your skin. It has a long-lasting, shiny, and soft effect. It is an intensive treatment and instant effect. This hand mask has argan oil extract, that moisturizes your hands that are dry and rough. It leaves your hands hydrated and healthy. This 20-minute treatment assures a deeply moisturizing and ever-lasting softening effect.
Dr. Rashel Argan Oil Hand Mask is a skincare product launched by Dr. Rashel. Dr. Rashel is an authentic and brand of health and cosmetic products. The brand has successfully earned the trust of thousands of customers worldwide. All of their skincare and other body products are fully tested and certified. So, we can confidently say that their products are 100% genuine and safe.
Dr. Rashel Argan Oil Hand Mask is a moisturizer that helps you to smoothers dry skin for a young, healthy, and glowy look. This powerful Argan Oil Hand Mask by Dr. Rashel has proven to stimulate collagen and decrease wrinkles. Hand mask argan oil is popular for maintaining skin elasticity and also repairing uneven skin.

Moisturizes skin
Treats acne
Protects from sun damage
Treats a number of skin conditions
Improves wound healing
Soothes atopic dermatitis
Heals skin infections
Has anti-aging effects

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