Bremod Active Oxygen Cell – 250ml

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Bremod Active Oxygen Cell is to repair and restore hair, making it super strong and elastic.
Ceramide Superpower: This is like a shield for your scalp. It keeps it strong and full of life.
Triple Plant Extract: Imagine having three plant friends working together to keep your hair safe and healthy. They help protect your hair and keep it moisturized.
Wheat Micro-Protein: This is like a secret ingredient that makes your hair tough and dense. It’s like giving your hair a protein shake!
Here’s how it works its magic:
Shielding Cells: It fights off the bad guys (we call them free radicals) that make your hair age.
New Hair Energy: It’s like giving your scalp a pep talk to grow new, strong hair.
Moisture Superhighway: It makes sure moisture moves smoothly through your hair, so it stays hydrated.
Nutrient Superheroes: It helps important proteins dive deep into your hair, making it super strong.
Using it is super easy too! Just follow these steps:
After shampooing, put the right amount of Bremod Active Oxygen Cell on your hair.
Give your hair a gentle massage for 3-5 minutes.
Rinse with warm water. If you’re coloring or perming your hair, this step will protect it from any harsh chemicals and keep the color locked in!
But remember, even superheroes have their limits. Keep this product away from little kids, and don’t let it get into your eyes. If it does, wash your eyes with lots of water and tell an adult to call a doctor.
So, if you want hair that’s strong, healthy, and happy, choose Bremod Active Oxygen Cell from HGSCosmetics. Your hair will thank you for it!

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