Yc Facial Massage Cleansing Cream – 250g

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YC Facial Massage Cleansing Cream-250g cleanses the skin gently making it soft, smooth and healthy. It has a mild formula that can be used every night to clear off dirt and grime from skin. It has a pleasant mild fragrance that gives a pleasurable experience. It removes dead skin cells to unmask beautifully glowing and healthy skin within no time.
YC Facial Massage Cleansing Cream-250g is enriched with natural scrubs and various fruit extracts that prevent your skin from breakout out with pimples and acne. Regular massages with this cream will help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Wrinkles appear when the facial skin loosens up due to lack of hydration, age or any other reasons. With gentle massages and nourishing and hydrating cream like this, the wrinkles get reduced as the skin tightens up. For this reason, beauticians from around the world advise a cream massage at least once in 30 days after 25 years of age.
YC offers a number of skincare and cosmetic products that are well trusted by people around the world. The major categories of the products offered by YC are facial scrubs, salt spa, facial cream, face wash & toner, body lotion, mask, milk series, soap, for lips, eyeliners, eyebrows and gold white.

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