YC Whitening Mint Extra Facial Skin Polish, 150ml


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Summer can damage your charm, increasing the sparkle and smoothness of the skin with natural items. To enhance your skin and preserve its natural dampness balance we provide you with YC Whitening Mint Extra Facial Skin Polish, 150ml. This unique whitening facial skin polish is the best method to convey your message of tenderness for someone you care about. Why wait, order today and get whitening facial skin polish for your loved ones’ door actions on that really special day! Because it’s natural, it makes your skin soft, flexible, and dynamic. Finally, upon elimination, you will certainly start to feel your beautiful skin. Thus, instead of spending much more on costly products, make use of YC’s YC Whitening Mint Extra Facial Skin Polish, 150ml at HGS Cosmetics store.

Product Features
Freshened and also brighten your skin complexion
Gets rid of dark or brown spots
Specially formulated with natural extracts
Organic product
Assists loosen the external layer of the skin
Micro-polishers gently brighten away dead cells to disclose more recent skin
Fairness actives aid lighten up the skin tone

Application Area
Hands, Body, and Feet

Skin Type
Suitable for all skin types

Applied For
Skin toning, lips nourishment, softening and smoothening, and blackhead removal

For men and women

YC is a Thailand based cosmetics and skin care company that first started its mind blowing line of skin care products in 1989 under the name of Yong Chin. The first product launched was Yong Chin Whitening Cream which gained popularity in a short period. YC had been distributing its products to SouthEast Asia since 1990. Later, in 2004, YC expanded its market to the Middle East. Owing to the increasing product demand and market enlargement into foreign countries, Yong Chin was set on modernization and was replaced by YC. Today, products created by YC are trusted and distributed in over 35 countries across the world. YC has been winning hearts of its consumers for more than 30 years which is the key impetus for YC’s continuous progress. YC started to focus on the domestic market of Thailand only in 2015. It supplied the products that met international quality standards to the people of Thailand.

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