Soft Touch 60 Vol Oxidizing Emulsion-500ml


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Golden Girl is a popular skincare brand name made by Golden Girl Cosmetics. Generally, the brand is expanding gradually and also getting recognition due to its good quality. Soft Touch 60 Vol Oxidizing Emulsion-500ml is a new generation peroxide product. It includes keratin conditioners and oily elements of drain and also restores your all-natural look. Its active ingredients include silkiness and also beam to the hair. Oxidizing Emulsion 60 Vol 500ml is a brand-new generation peroxide designer. It includes keratin conditioners as well as oily elements to secure hair damages during the treatment of hairs and recovers a natural appearance. Its ...ingredients include silkiness as well as shine to the hair. Oxidizing Emulsion 60 Vol 500ml can be utilized both for the skin as well as hair for hair color, lightening, and also face sprucing up. It is developed to get a combination of optimal consistency for optimum efficiency of the dyes and bleaching powders. Usage
Blend the selected bleaching, coloring, or tinting product thoroughly with the oxidizing emulsion as indicated in the instructions for application. Caution
Please avoid substance contact with your eyes. In case the emulsion comes in contact with your eyes, wash them immediately. Skin Type
The oxidizing emulsion 60 Vol 500ml is perfect for any kind of skin. Method
For Hair Dye
Mix 2 parts oxidizing emulsion 60 Vol 500ml with 1 part of hair dye for lightning by 3 to 4 tones.
For Highlighting and Streaking
Mix 2 to 3 parts oxidizing emulsion 60 Vol 500ml with 1 part bleach powder-strong-and apply to streaks.

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