Safeguard Pouch Pure White Hand Wash-375ml


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Just a few seconds after washing, germs can get back on your body and hands. That is why taking care of our hygiene is such a crucial regime to stay healthy and safeguard our loved ones. The next step (*Important*) would be to select a product that can safeguard you wherever you go!

Introducing Safeguard Pouch Pure White Hand Wash-375ml!
Safeguard Pure White Hand Wash, Refill Pouch, 375ml not only eliminates 99.9 percent of germs, but continues to protect after washing your hands.
Why Safeguard? Safeguard’s mission is to help moms protect their little ones by offering top-notch germ protection, while not compensating for their loved ones’ skin health.

Wash yourself with Safeguard Pure White Hand Wash, Refill Pouch, 375ml to protect you and your family’s health from day one. Safeguard is readily available in Sanitizers, Liquid Handwash, Bars. Available in a huge variety of sweet, beautiful scents and convenient sizes, just how you like it!

Product Features
Following are some of the noticeable features of Safeguard Pure White Hand Wash, Refill Pouch, 375ml:
Bacterial soaps
Non-stop protection in between washes
Superior protection against other anti
Removes 99 percent of germs
Classic and refreshing experience
Special cleaning formula

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