Keune Hair Color-7.66 Medium Intense Red Blonde


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Keune Hair Color-7.66 Medium Intense Red is very easy to mix, easy to apply, has triple color protection, and gives you a beautiful shine. It also has Solamer UV Protector to protect your hair from harmful UV rays. Tinta Color is based on a cream derived from coconut. This cream protects your scalp from staining and also gives a pearlescent, creamy texture. This texture allows effortless blending and protects your hair during the color service. Keune Hair Color is made using top-notch ingredients and motivates ever-lasting creativity. Why Keune Hair Color?
Following are some of the reasons you should ...start using Tinta Color ASAP:
Soft silky shine
Durability because of UV Protector
No staining on your scalp
Brilliant hair conditioning Why it Works
The top-secret behind the Tinta Color is Triple Color Protection. Tinta Color is associated with a cream derived from coconut. The cream shields your scalp from staining and also provides a pearlescent and creamy texture. This texture lets you effortlessly blend and protects your hair during the color application. Features:
LP 300 Color Stabilizer
The Tinta Cream developer has LP 300 that causes the pigments to bind better into your hair structure and shields your hair structure during the color service. This results in a hair color that lasts for a long time. UV Protection
The Keune Hair Color features a Solamer UV protector that safeguards your hair from UV
damage and fading of your hair color. Silk Protein
The hair color also has Silk Protein that nourishes and repairs your damaged hair. Hair having better condition also stays colorful for a long time because the pigments become locked with your hair structure. You will instantly feel and observe your hair’s improved condition just after rinsing.

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