Hemani Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer-250ml


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Hemani Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer-250ml has a high-concentration of disinfectants that effectively kill germs and bacteria. It contains herbal ingredients with antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Aloe Vera Extracts help to keep hands moisturized and soft.
It effectively kills 99.9% of germs. You can spray it on surfaces that come in contact with your hands on a daily basis such as keyboards, mobile phone, steering wheel of the car, etc to get instant all rounded protection from germs. Or, you can spray it into your hands and rub them together to spread all over your hands thoroughly.
It comes in an easy to carry container that you can take anywhere with you to refresh your hands on-the-go. It is to be used for external use only. Store it in a cool and dry place and avoid it from getting in your eyes. In case it gets in your eyes, rinse your eyes thoroughly.
Hemani strives to achieve the goal where customers are celebrating natural lifestyles by providing herbal and natural products. It provides innovative solutions to several problems that consumers face while making their lives more natural and free of toxins and chemicals. Hemani keeps a close eye on the changing consumers’ needs of natural products for healthy living.

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