Garnier Pure Active Hand Sanitizer-250ml 80% Alcohol


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Garnier Pure Active Hand Sanitizer-250ml, 80% Alcohol, is a gentle hand sanitizer that purifies and protects your hands all day long. Infused with 65% alcohol, fused with vegetable glycerin, this skincare gel is not only adept at cleansing your skin, but also at keeping it hydrated throughout the day. In order to achieve this, glycerin makes a protective barrier over your skin, preventing moisture loss and making sure the user gets maximum comfort and convenience. Best for those occasions when you must cleanse the hands but have no access to soap and water, this useful gel has a non-sticky, lightweight formula that doesn’t feel awkward or heavy on your skin. Similar to that, sanitizing the hands becomes a natural part of the day.

Product Features
Texture: gel
Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive
Skin issues: regular hand cleansing
Age: 3+ (children must use under strict adult supervision)
Time of application: as often as necessary

Main Benefits
It protects the skin against fungi, bacteria, viruses, and various other microorganisms, distinctive formula cleanses and hydrates your hands at the same time, gel texture is comfortable for application on the go.

Main Ingredients
Vegetable glycerin keeps your skin hydrated and comfortable
65% alcohol is effective against various fungi, bacteria, and viruses

How to use
Dispense enough Garnier Skin Active Pure Active Hand Sanitizer, 80% Alcohol, 250ml to cover your both hands. Then, rub all over your hands for 20 seconds, making sure you cover every surface, including between the fingers. Continue rubbing until dry.

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