Dr Rashel Nourishing Steam Hair Mask



Nourishing Steam Hair Mask Is formulated with Argan oil extract and steam heat treatment which deeply nourishes your hair that is often damaged by dyeing and perming. Its heating effect helps in absorbing the nutrients in the hair and prevents dullness and static electricity. It gives you hair care that is comparable to a professional hair salon.
It rebuilds hair structure quickly making your hair more resilient and elastic and promoting instant hair regrowth. To use this hair mask, wash your hair and dry it, and concentrate your hair on the top of your head with a cap. Remove the sticker and secure the hat with a sticker. Gently massage to blend the essence of the cap into your hair. Wash your hair with water after 10 minutes and blow dry.
Dr. Rashel Nourishing Steam Hair Mask with Argan Oil gives special hair care for damaged, frizz or dry hair. It restores your hair’s health and makes it shiny and smooth. Dr. Rashel offers various high quality hair care and hair styling products for both men and women. It believes that the hairstyle plays an important role in shaping your personality and directly affects the general evaluation standard of urban men and women.


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