Dr Rashel 8 In 1 Gold Collagen Elastin Serum


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Dr-Rashel 8 In 1 Gold Collagen Elastin Serum anti wrinkle aging moisturizing serum acne treatment whitening face ageless skin care.

Dr Rashel is one of the most well reputed skin care brands operating in Pakistan that offers 100% original products to the satisfaction of its customers. It was founded in Dubai in 2000. In the beginning, it has solely been a perfume brand deducing the apogee of elegance, luxury and happiness by natural beauty and natural skin care. In 2002, it started a “golden life” series of skin care products and ever since that, it has been exuding its boundless imagination of 100% natural skin care with exquisite style.

Use every morning and evening Dr-Rashel 8 In 1 Gold Collagen Elastin Serum apply an adequate amount to your face, according to your skin texture with a stomach massage until absorption.

Dr Rashel Gold Collagen Elastin serum 8 in 1 serum Skin whitening moisturizes your skin, smoothes your skin, activates your skin cell, makes your tired skin look brighter, activates your skin cells, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It is a collagen effective anti ageing firming skin product and restores the youthful skin. It is a complete skin care product.

It is an all day, night usage serum for radiance & glow, skin brightening, and daily skin care product.

Whitening cream
Firming wrinkle removal
The skin was shiny all day
Moisturizes the skin
The reduction of acne
Smoothes the skin
The renewal of skin cells
Nourishes the skin


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