Clean & Clear Blackhead Cleanser-200ml Oil Free


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Clean & Clear Blackhead Cleanser-200ml is specially designed to fight blackhead. It effectively reduces blackheads by removing dirt, oil and dead skin cells trapped deep inside pores. It comes with ingredients that fight blackheads and prevent them from appearing again. These special ingredients go deep into pores and clear them of dirt and dead skin cells reducing blackheads quickly.
The formula is gentle and contains soothing extracts so that your skin looks and feels beautifully clear. To get the most out of the cleanser, put some product on to a cotton pad and wipe it over your face and neck covering every area giving extra attention to that T-zone and avoiding the delicate eye area. After cleansing, use it to tighten and tone pores. You can use it once or twice in a day according to your needs and preferences. There is no need to rinse your face with water afterwards.
On the first use, your skin will feel very refreshed. It dries off almost instantly so you don’t have to rinse it. Include it in your daily skincare routine to achieve that soft, spotless and oil free skin. It will clear off impurities and blackheads from your skin up to your satisfaction.

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