Christine Camouflage Makeup Base CN-45


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What makes this Christine Camouflage Makeup Base CN-45 a cult classic? It has kept a multitude of complexions looking young and beautiful. Layer it to achieve maximum foundation coverage. The long-wearing creamy formula provides the base for a gorgeous face by protecting against the drying effects of the environment.

Christine Derma X Camouflage Makeup Base, CN-45, fills and erases wrinkles, fine lines, and pores and prevents makeup from accumulating in the wrinkles. It forms a velvety-soft film on your skin and enhances the look and durability of the makeup.

Christine Derma X Camouflage Makeup Base, CN-45, is a high-performance professional and shine-free makeup base to cover and hide acne, blemishes, pigmentation, dark circles, and sunburn spots, etc. It has a very good stay and creamy texture, which makes it easy for you to blend it effortlessly. Christine Derma X Camouflage Makeup Base, CN-45, has medium to high coverage and is buildable and gives the smoothest finish.

Christine Cosmetics is one of Pakistan’s most famous brands. It comes under the umbrella of Add more Cosmetics international cooperation. It is well-reputed for producing high-quality makeup products that are used, loved, and affordable for women across the country. Their products are highly affordable and work just as well as any international cosmetics brand. Women in Pakistan buy its products in a variety of colors and containing innovative formulas to create a smooth and flawless look.

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