CAFE MIMI Vegetable Mask-10ml


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For thorough cleaning and removal of impurities below, your skin surface should be purged. CAFE MIMI Vegetable Mask-10ml is an organic mask that cleanses into the pores-lifting out residues and absorbing extra oil. Hidden dirt is drawn out, leaving your skin revitalized and nourished. Formulated with cucumber and carrot to stimulate your body’s natural renewal process.


  • Vegetable Mask 10 ml have anti-inflammatory properties, 
  • Vegetable Mask 10 ml is a great way to treat your skin
  • Vegetable Mask 10 ml has the ability to reduce swelling and puffiness of the skin.
  • Vegetable Mask 10 ml can help lessen puffiness while waking up your tired-looking skin at the same time.
  • Vegetable Mask 10 ml is loaded with antioxidants that slow down your skin’s aging process.
  • Vegetable Mask 10 ml helps maintain your skin’s moisture.
  • Vegetable Mask 10 ml contributes to your skin cells renewal process.
  • Vegetable Mask 10 ml is effective for acne treatment 
  • Vegetable Mask 10 ml helps heal wounds, pimples and restore your skin.

Product Weight

Vegetable Mask 10 ml weighs about 10 milliliters. 

Storage Instruction

You should keep  Vegetable Mask 10 ml in a cool and dry place at your home.


 Vegetable Mask 10 ml comes in a sachet pack packaging.

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