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Best Wet Wipes for Different Skin Types
The skincare community is not a fan of anti-makeup wipes for quite a few years now. Although wet wipes are not a forever replacement for your sink-side cleanser, they are pretty helpful in various situations. In a nutshell, they are awesome answers to a wide range of on-the-go cleansing problems. There are some occasions when you are traveling and have no way to get rid of your makeup. Or maybe you are super grimey at the airport. Some people may not use them as their sole cleanser, they sometimes use wet wipes to scrub the dirt off their skin or makeup’s top layer.

Wet wipes are perfect for fixing small mistakes to save you from restarting your complete face makeup if you mess things up. You can keep a packet or two with you to quickly clean up swatches when you are on vacation or playing with your new makeup kit.

Finding wet wipes is not easy, but keeping a few things in mind can help you make the right choice. Go for those which greatly do the work of getting rid of makeup, dirt, and oil or won’t irritate the skin, causing it to become red. Try to opt for biodegradable options if you want to frequently use them as there are various wet wipes that are not suitable for the environment.

Previously, people also didn’t consider using them because of their questionable constituents and icky residue. But with this new generation of wet wipes available on the market, you may want to reconsider your decision. These latest wet wipes have shown a great improvement over their predecessors.

Of course, they can’t take the place of your good old-fashioned to cleanse with running water and face wash. But for that, you need to go to a sink. Whereas with wet wipes, all you need are a package of wet wipes and remove stuff from your face. They are made from biodegradable ingredients that will compost and naturally break down. Wet wipes are cleansers with less quantity of surfactants. These wipes have cleansing agents that are not so strong in strength, which means that they have a gentle cleansing method.

When selecting a face wipe, It is suggested to avoid or limit these materials in them:

You might not believe it, but natural or synthetic fragrances are the major cause of skin irritation.

They can trigger breakouts by trapping dead skin and debris, but also, these film-formers leave an unpleasant residue behind.

Mineral oil
Mineral oil is similar to silicones that have occlusive properties causing acne.

These cleansing agents are very harmful even when rinsed off. They are easily left on your skin, causing damage to it.

Drying alcohols strip your skin of required moisture, but fatty types are totally fine.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids are prone and unstable to quick oxidation, causing aging to your skin.